Stone Poems

• works in stone
Mother & daughter   hands   mourning   lovers   remorse   Fate  
• works in stone
Winds of Life   Graces   tigers eye  Torso  loon stuck in ice  Sisters
• works in clay
Amy    F Gursey    girl in chair    India    Relief   Madras

My life as an artist began at 46 when I discovered I had a talent for reproducing a likeness in clay. After a couple of years instruction in clay modeling followed by ten years working with clay, I began to work with stone.

As a stone sculptor I am self taught. There were strong influences on my subsequent work from artists with whom I was already familiar: Kathe Kollwitz, Camille Claudel, and Ernst Barlach. John Carbone from whom I took the clay modeling class introduced me to the work and writings of Malvina Hoffman. The writings and the art work of all four artists was important to my development as a sculptor.

I did not realize until I began working in stone the depth of their influence.

Charlotte Langlands